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I started my career in the drilling fluids industry in February 1978 when I joined IMCO Services. I attended IMCO Services Drilling Fluids Engineering school and graduated in May 1978. Upon graduation I was assigned to the Corpus Christi and Beeville areas in South Texas where I remained until October 1979.

After my employment with IMCO I moved to Southwestern Drilling Mud where I was employed as Assistant Manager for the South Texas District and assisted in managing drilling mud sales and engineering operations in the South Texas district.  Researched and prepared drilling mud programs.  Acted as trouble shooter and assisted other engineers servicing problem wells.  Engineered all types of water-based and oil-based drilling fluid systems.

In 1981 I took a position with Drilling Mud, Inc. as South Texas District Manager.  I supervised the opening and operation of warehouses in Mathis, Alice, Hebbronville, and Laredo, Texas.  I established and managed drilling mud sales and engineering operations in the South Texas area.

In August 1981 I formed Matex Drilling Mud, Inc. where I acted as CEO/President until 1986.  Matex Drilling Mud was actively involved in the oil and gas industry providing water-based and oil-based drilling fluid chemicals and engineering services throughout the South Texas area to depths of 14,000 feet.

I started consulting in 1986 offering only top quality drilling fluids engineering service.  I have spent my career as a drilling fluids consultant providing engineering services to Baker Hughes/Inteq, M-I Drilling Fluids, Newpark Drilling Fluids, Baroid, Tejas Fluids, Wildcat Drilling Fluids, Lone Star Drilling Fluids, Ambar Drilling Fluids, Coastal Drilling Fluids, and Spirit Drilling Fluids.  My experience ranges in all types of water-based, oil-based, and synthetic-based drilling fluids, and wells with depths to 18,000' and mud weights up to 18.8 ppg, and in areas covering South Texas, Central Texas, East Texas, and Louisiana.

Since 1997 I have worked on several long term projects.  In 1997 I began consulting on wells operated in Webb County by Michael Petroleum, and serviced by Coastal Drilling Fluids and Newpark Drilling Fluids.  The Michael Petroleum operation was sold to Calpine Energy where I continued to provide my consulting services until 2000.

From May 2002 to December 2007 I worked closely with Newpark Drilling Fluids and Spirit Drilling Fluids on a long term project for Abaco Operating, LLC in Kenedy County, Texas drilling Vicksburg wells to 18,000' with mud weights to 18.8 ppg.

During 2007 I worked closely with and assisted Abaco Operating drilling consultant, Lee McNiel, handling day to day drilling operations based on operators drilling program and specifications. Completed morning & daily reports. Handled pipe tallies during casing runs. Helped to coordinate job schedules and needs with general contractors, service companies & suppliers to ensure a smooth operation of the project.

In December 2007 I moved to a project being drilled by Comstock Resources in the Hidalgo and Duval Counties of South Texas where I remained until March 2009.  In 2009 I migrated to North Louisiana working with Comstock Resources and Newpark drilling horizontal wells to 16,000’ in Haynesville Shale. In 2011 Comstock moved their drilling operation back to Southwest Texas drilling horizontal wells to 20,000’ in Eagle Ford Shale.  At the end of 2013 Comstock slowed their drilling operations in the Eagle Ford Shale.

In January 2014 I came to an Eagle Ford Shale project being drilled by Carrizo Oil & Gas in the LaSalle and Frio County areas of South Texas.  I am currently working with Carrizo Oil & Gas and Newpark Drilling Fluids drilling horizontal wells in Eagle Ford Shale area.

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