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Serving the Drilling Fluids Industry Since 1978


Quotes Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity - Steven is a consummate professional both personally and on the drilling sites. He is well regarded by every customer he had contact with while in our employ. His departure was due solely to industry economic concerns and when our industry rebounds, Steven will be one of the first people considered for return to service, if he is still available. I highly recommend him, without reservation, for any drilling fluids position. Quotes
Richard deBoisblanc
National Oilwell Varco, Director of Marketing

Quotes Steve and I met in Texas back in 78'. Since then I have worked with him as a peer, for him, and opposite him. I would not hesitate to do so again. His expertise, personal skill and technical ability to improve any drilling program provides any operator lucky enough to get him on their location both tangible and intangible values rarely matched anywhere in the world. Quotes
Robert Howard
CFO, Tech Limit, Inc.

Quotes Steve Ridenour & I have been working together, drilling & completing horizontal & directional wells since 1989. Steve is the best mud engineer, I have worked with in over 40 years of experience. Steve works with an excellent attitude, & professional oilfield manner, & takes care of his business. Steve exercises a lot of good common sense and makes up a very good team in any drilling operation. I always look forward to a project that we get to drill together. Quotes
Terry Garrett
President - Garrett Consultants, Inc.

Quotes I worked with Steve as a fellow employee. Steve had the vision and guts to start his own company in the early 80's. He had the first computer that I ever saw. His work in the Texas Oilfield was extremely dangerous and highly technical. His expertise was requested by many companies. Steve is mature, reliable, has a technical mind with a management and entrepreneurial spirit. He is the ultimate employee / employer. I thank him for all he has done for me. Quotes
Chris Arford
Drilling Fluids Consultant

Quotes I have used Steve in N. La on some fairly demanding wells. He was always on top of the system and trying to stay ahead of any problems that could arise. I would gladly put him on any of my wells. Good guy and a very good mud engineer. Quotes
Steve Permenter
Tech Mgr. Newpark Drlg Fluids

Quotes Steven would be described as an expert and a sage. This individual has usually a profound philosophy and is distinguished for his wisdom and sound judgment. Quotes
Guy Ellis
Technical Engineer, ProCore Chemicals, Inc.

Quotes I always like Steve on my jobs. I do not have to worry about something not getting done. He takes care of his business. Quotes
Dave Harper
Newpark Drilling Fluids, Gulf Coast Operations Manager

Quotes I have worked opposite Steve as a mud engineer on numerous occasions. He is extremely knowledgeable and conscientious in all aspects of his profession. Quotes
Bruce Stephens
Drilling Fluids Specialist

Quotes Steven has always been excellent with field skills as well as his communications with the office. He is an excellent mud engineer. Quotes
Dan Kinshella
Director Executive Sales, National Oilwell Varco

Quotes Honest, sincere God loving man, his strength comes from above and gives him his great personality. Very dedicated to his work and family. Quotes
Bob Binns
Drilling Fluids Consultant

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